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Mr. Jaun Derful
Relationships & Romance

Keeping My Love Life Alive On Line

Dating a different women each night for 101 nights from Craig's List Personals generated a stories ranging evenings gone really, really right  …to really, really wrong.

← I am indebted to a variety of "Cougars", women with more testosterone than average, for my education as a latin lover, a Don Juan.  What I learned about women's inhibitions and yearnings are chronicled in the stories to the left, where expectations of a glass of wine and light conversation on my part was naïve, to say the least!  Names are changed to protect the healthy and oh so naughty libido inherent in every nice respectable woman that says one thing in public and wishes for much, much more in the bedroom.

Most women have a recurring need that largely goes unfulfilled. As a fan of Scheherazade, the well bred and well read woman that becomes the queen of Persia in 1001 Arabian nights; it goes both ways where exceptional young men also need to learn and demonstrate additional sales and personal skills that will serve them well later on in life.

To serve you better we recruit fine young men with at least 2-years of college with a minimum 3.5 GPA and a varsity sports letter in High School. They've demonstrated both an ability to learn as well as the capability and desire to please coaches and professors alike from many cultural, ethnic, and intellectual backgrounds. While many students deliver pizzas and donate blood plasma to pay tuition and living expenses, delivering vital force fluids representing the essence of a man have more immediate value.

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  • How does your story compare? We want well written lurid, titillating details, but inside the story itself please do not include real names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, pictures or videos that would identify yourself or your date.

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